• Am I a member?

    If you’re unsure as to whether you’ve renewed your membership for the current year, you can verify by clicking here and logging in. If you’re granted access to the “Members’-Only section” of the website, you are a NASP member. If your membership has lapsed and you’d like to renew, click here, or contact the NASP staff office at 1-800-574-9961.
  • I’m new to NASP. How can I become a member?

    NASP memberships are on an individual basis (not by company). To become a member, visit the membership page and complete the “New Membership Application”.
  • What is my username?

    Your username is your full email address. If you’re unable to login, please reset your password by clicking here.
  • I work for a new company. Should I create another account?

    If you’re unable to access your previous account, you do not need to create a new profile. To update the information on your previous account, please email info@subrogation.org or call 1-800-574-9961.
  • I would like to pay my invoice with a check. Where should I mail the payment?

    400 Mosites Way
    Suite 103
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • How do I find an attorney or expert in another state?

    By searching the Member Directory. The Member Directory is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. If you’re using an earlier version of Internet Explorer, you may not be able to access the directory. Access to the directory is available only to verified members. You can verify that you’re logged in by looking at the top right of the screen. If it reads, “Member Login,” you have not yet logged in.
  • Where can I find published Subrogator articles on the website?

    Published articles can be found behind the Members’-Only section of the website. Your membership must be current to access the Members’-Only section.
  • Where can I find past editions of the Subrogator magazine?

    Previous issues of the Subrogator magazine are available behind the Members’-Only section of the website. Your membership must be current to access the Members’-Only section. Each issue is print protected, as materials may not be reproduced without permission.
  • I’d like to submit an advertisement to be published in the Subrogator magazine. How do I do that?

    Access the ‘Media Kit & Advertising Order Form’ by clicking the “Advertise” drop down under the ‘Subrogator Magazine’ header. From there, complete the order form and email it, along with your artwork to elle.wiernik@subrogation.org. If you’d like NASP’s design team to create an advertisement for you, please email elle.wiernik@subrogation.org.
  • How do I submit an article for the Subrogator magazine? Does that mean it will be published?

    To view suitable article categories, word counts and formats, please click “Submit an Article” under the “Subrogator Magazine” header. All submissions will be reviewed by NASP’s Editorial Committee. Submissions that have a higher propensity to be selected for publication are timely/relevant and include strong content.
  • Where can I find information regarding the CSRP designation?

    Under the “Education” tab. Hover your mouse and an orange drop-down will appear. Then, click on “CSRP Designation”. The NASP member matriculation fee is $785 and the nonmember matriculation fee is $1,425.
  • How can I send in my CSRP matriculation application? How long will it be until I receive my books?

    You can either email your application to elle.wiernik@subrogation.org, or you can mail your application to the address below. If your application has been approved, you’ll receive your study materials within 1-2 weeks of your application submission.
    400 Mosites Way Suite 103  Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • I would like information on exhibiting at a NASP conference and/or sponsoring NASP.

    If your organization is interested in exhibiting at a NASP Conference, click on the Exhibit tab. Here, you'll be able to review what your exhibit investment includes, view floor maps or reserve a booth(s) by contacting Elle Wiernik, at elle.wiernik@subrogation.org. If you are interested in being a sponsor of NASP, hover over the Membership tab, then select Corporate VIP from the drop down list. It will bring you to a new page with menus of available options for both Insurance Claims Professionals and Service Providers. Please contact Leslie Wiernik at leslie.wiernik@subrogation.org to learn more about sponsoring NASP. 
  • Why does NASP not offer registration refunds after the cut-off date?

    Hotels require an attendee count in advance of the conference. NASP provides that information based upon the number of registrants as of a certain date. That means, if NASP refunds a registration fee after the cut-off, not only do we lose that revenue, but we also have already paid the hotel for you to be there – a double hit. Substitutions are always an option, right up until the time of the conference.
  • Where can I find information about Subro College courses?

    Information about the Subro College can be found under the “Education” tab. Hover your mouse and an orange drop-down will appear. Then, click on the “Subro College” link.
  • Where can I find the latest Legislative Affairs or Amicus Committee update?

    The latest Legislative Affairs and Amicus Committee updates can be found under the “Advocacy” tab. Click on the Advocacy tab and scroll below the "Voices of America" clip. There you will find Legislative Affairs past updates and Amicus Committee updates.