Subro College 100

Subro College 100

Subro College was created by the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) to focus on the basic principles of subrogation. The seven part curriculum covers topics an individual must understand to become knowledgeable and effective in the subrogation arena.

The different courses are designed for those who are relatively new to the field of insurance and subrogation. The classes will broaden the knowledge of the participants providing them information and tools necessary as they investigate claims and present subrogation demands. Participants will acquire the skills needed to investigate, evaluate, negotiate and settle claims promptly and fairly from inception to conclusion.

Participants will learn the necessary elements for inclusion in the claim in order to succeed in the collection of subrogation dollars from the responsible party. The curriculum will review the importance of subrogation to policyholders, society and insurance companies, basic theories of liability including legal terms, the components of a thorough investigation and how to present the investigative information to the responsible party and arrive at equitable settlement.

Each class is approximately 60 minutes in length. The classes may be presented in a combined format or individual classes may be presented, depending on the needs of the participants.

Faculty members are insurance and legal professionals with significant years of experience in the subrogation field of the insurance industry.

The courses currently available include:

SC 101 – Benefits of Subrogation

Insured, Insurer and Society. What are the benefits of the subrogation process to the insured, the insurer and society? The psychological and financial impact on the policyholder will be reviewed. Next the course will focus on the financial and marketing effects of subrogation on the insurance company, including the agent. The course will conclude with a discussion of the benefits of subrogation programs to society using a real life example of how subrogation saves lives.

SC 102 – Theories of Liability

The concept of liability, including tort liability, will be presented. A review of the elements of negligence or duties that must be established for recovery from the responsible party or parties will be presented. Also included will be an auto and property exercise to reinforce the importance of a thorough investigation and the analysis of the liability.

SC 103 – What’s That Mean?

This section will present a review of common terms and definitions used within the insurance industry and subrogation specialty area to assist in the investigation and determination of liability. The terms will primarily be legal terms used in conjunction with negligence standards, negligence defenses and tort liability. A discussion of the terms will be presented along with examples to further illustrate and reinforce various negligence standards and defenses.

SC 104A – P & C Investigations

While not all claims give rise to subrogation, many do. This section will discuss the various aspects of investigation which may lead to a successful subrogation recovery, as well as the responsibilities of the claim handler and those of the subrogation specialist. The similarities and differences between an auto and property investigation will be presented to the participants.

SC104B – Workers’ Compensation Investigations

The fundamental concepts of liability and negligence and how they apply to a worker’ compensation claim will be presented. Commonly used workers’ compensation terms and their definitions will be reviewed. The types of workers’ compensation claims and the importance of the investigation process will be illustrated and emphasized through examples.

SC 104C – Healthcare Subrogation Basics

Join us for a discussion of the basics of healthcare subrogation. We will explore which claims to investigate for subrogation potential from the claims paid by the health insurer. We will discuss what to do once you have identified a potential subrogation claim and what impact your plan language has on the recovery potential for any claim. Come learn the basics of health subrogation and identification.

SC105 – Preparing and Closing the Deal

The presentation of the subrogation claim to the responsible party, along with supporting documents, will be reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on the different stages of negotiations. Various settlement alternatives will be reviewed. A group exercise will emphasize the importance of the awareness of the negotiation stages.

SC106 – Subro College “Quest For the Best.”

Using the Jeopardy Game format, teams will be selected and challenged to answer questions from each of the previous presentations. This will serve as the capstone course for the Subro College.

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