Workers' Compensation Benchmarking

  • Elevate your understanding of the current state of workers' compensation subrogation with our comprehensive 2021 Workers' Compensation Subrogation Benchmarking Study. Building upon the 2018 analysis, this study explores a diverse range of metrics that subro professionals need to gauge the full impact of workers' compensation subrogation.

    Unlock the Power of Data: This study presents a sneak peek into the exclusive dashboard, a resource that we offer at no cost to all study participants. With annual updates showcasing the top-ten pivotal metrics, you'll stay ahead of the curve and remain informed about crucial shifts between study periods.

    Financial Mastery: Recognizing the profound influence that subrogation recoveries wield over financial performance, numerous insurance companies deem subrogation recoveries a strategic cornerstone. Our study equips you with invaluable insights, aiding in the measurement and management of performance within our dynamic industry landscape.

    Your Path to Informed Decision-Making: Amid the diversity of businesses and products included in this study, individual outcomes and organizational methodologies may naturally diverge. Thus, it's imperative to view these findings as industry benchmarks rather than rigid blueprints. Remember, a profound grasp of your company's unique operations serves as the bedrock for interpreting and contextualizing this analysis.  Order your copy today!

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    Archived Study

    The 2018 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study is also available for purchase.

    Workers' Comp Benchmarking Definitions

    Download a complimentary listing of workers' compensation subrogation definitions.