Auto Benchmarking

  • Step into the future of auto subrogation excellence with NASP's latest 2022 Auto Subrogation Benchmarking Study. This study provides an in-depth exploration of industry practices and outcomes that define the auto subrogation landscape. Uncover a spectrum of vital metrics employed to gauge the comprehensive impact of auto subrogation. And as an added bonus, gain access to a sample dashboard that annually updates the top ten pivotal metrics, ensuring you stay ahead in the game.

    Recognize the paramount role subrogation recoveries play in bolstering financial performance? This study serves as the compass guiding insurance companies toward optimal strategic choices. Elevate your proficiency and decision-making acumen within the industry through invaluable insights and best practices by ordering your copy today. Your path to continued success starts here!

    Note that individual results and organizational practices may differ across the various businesses and products examined in the study. Therefore, the results should be interpreted as guidelines for the industry in general. A thorough understanding of your company’s business should serve as the foundation for interpreting and relating these results.

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    The 2019 Auto Subrogation Benchmarking Study is also available for purchase.

    Auto Benchmarking Definitions

    Download a complimentary listing of universal auto subrogation definitions.