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    Discover valuable insights and trends by exploring our collection of NASP Benchmarking Studies, available for purchase. These comprehensive studies provide an overview of industry performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

    For participants of our studies, we offer an exclusive opportunity to benchmark your company's results against the broader study dataset. This comparison offers invaluable insights into how your company's performance aligns with industry standards, helping you identify areas for improvement and strategic growth. Note that individual results and organizational practices can vary due to the diverse mix of businesses and products within the study. As such, while these studies offer valuable guidelines for the industry at large, they should be interpreted by those with a deep understanding of your own business as the foundation for interpretation and application.

    Current Studies

    2022 Auto Benchmarking Study
    2021 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study
    2020 Property Benchmarking Study

    Archived Studies (also available for purchase)

    2019 Auto Benchmarking Study
    2018 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study
    2017 Property Benchmarking Study

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